Our Mission

We like snacking. We love chips. So, we put a new twist on the potato chip to make a nutritious snack that tastes as good as it looks.

Food and art is a labor of love, and the Mozaics company proudly supports The Chicago Mosaic School (CMS). It’s the first and only premier not-for-profit mosaic art school in North America. Now in their twelfth year, the school gives artists, teachers and enthusiasts of all levels a place to explore all facets of mosaics — from classical reproduction to contemporary abstraction.

CMS hosts some of the world’s most influential mosaic instructors from as far as Italy, England, France, Japan and Australia. The influence of a new generation of mosaic artists can be seen around the world through the recognition of the work of their students.

Mosaics are the inspiration for our chips and the reason why each one looks like a delicious piece of art!